Get your own So-Cer GIGA-Factory

So-Cer AG supports the franchisees through:
  • Consultation on the establishment of the factory
  • Ordering, setting up and calibration of production machines
  • Training of factory employees in the operation and maintenance of the machines
  • Support in the procurement of production materials
  • Full rights to produce and sell So-Cer batteries in their region
  • Maintenance and support helpline
  • Access to the latest So-Cer innovations and advances
  • Access to the global customer/order pool
Get Access to our world class R&D team and help us spread the So-Cer innovation!
Invest to built your highly automated production factory and secure your market now!
Modular production capacity in GIGA-scale with continuous R&D and support!
Highly profitable even at full cost and including license fees!

Together we change the world


Ohmstraße 3
97076 Würzburg